Why You Should Host Your Wedding Rehearsal the Day-of


Hosting your wedding rehearsal the day of your wedding can be a huge time saver! It is easier (and less stressful) for the bride and groom to gather the wedding party, family, and friends on one day instead of two. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hosting your rehearsal the day of your Rococo wedding.


Save a Trip

By hosting your rehearsal the day of your wedding, you save time traveling back and forth between venue and hotel. You won’t have to drive to the venue in the evening, then somewhere for dinner, and back again in the morning. You also don’t have to gather  Instead you can use the night before to relax, have dinner and get rested for the next day.


Give Out-of-Town Travelers a Chance to Get Settled

Traveling, getting to the hotel, and then immediately having to make it to the rehearsal is exhausting! If you have your rehearsal the day of the big event, your out-of-town guests will be able to relax the night before. They will be more lively for the rehearsal and ready to boogie the night away at your reception instead of falling asleep before the second course.


Save Time & Money by Hosting a Meal at the Rococo

We have two preferred caterers that we usually work with: Premier Catering and Yes Chef. Our preferred caterers are able to provide your wedding dinner and a brunch or lunch for your rehearsal on the day of your wedding. If you have your meal at the theatre, then you won’t have to worry about meeting your guests somewhere else. Offer your guests a buffet of pastries, and they will be so grateful you had your rehearsal (and meal) the day-of!


Less Time to Forget

After attending the rehearsal, dinner, having drinks, going to bed, and then getting ready for the ceremony, it is possible that some of your wedding party members might forget the order of events. Maybe they forget when to walk down the aisle, when the candle-lighting starts, or what to do after a certain song plays. By holding your rehearsal the day of your wedding, you eliminate a lot of that time for someone to forget the order of the ceremony.


There are many benefits of hosting your wedding rehearsal the day of your wedding. It can save you time, energy, and money, so that you can be completely relaxed and prepared for your fairy tale wedding at the Rococo Theatre.



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