Tips for Your Summer Wedding

Wedding season is fast-approaching! Are you considering a summer wedding of your own? Surprisingly, a summer wedding can involve steps and precautions that you might not even think of. Especially in Nebraska, where the summer weather can be unpredictable, there are quite a few things to take into consideration. Here are some tips that we’ve compiled for those hosting a summer wedding!

Opt for indoors

Nobody wants to sit through a 95-degree outdoor wedding in Nebraska in the middle of July. Regardless of how much setting spray you’ve used, it’s unlikely you are going to have your dream wedding makeup for the entirety of your special day. The summer heat can be difficult for your older guests as well as very young guests. Having your summer wedding inside is the easiest way to forgo the struggles of a summer wedding.


Send save-the-dates

Summer is a popular time for family vacations and fun trips. By sending a save-the-date in advance of your summer wedding, your guests will be more likely to attend. A save-the-date can be really helpful for people with busy schedules so that they may mark it on their calendars and plan for your big day. Plus, who doesn’t love wedding stationary?


Protect your skin

Skin protection is so important during the sunnier months. Not only does sunblock protect you from skin cancers, sun allergies, and advanced aging, it will help you stay calm and cool during your ceremony and reception by providing you protection against sunburns. You will want to avoid sunburns on your wedding day to avoid the discomfort and being photographed with red, splotchy skin. Another way to protect yourself from the hazards of summer include wearing sunglasses and spraying bug spray.


Choose breathable fabrics

When trying on gowns and attending alterations appointments, keep in mind the temperature and climate in which you’ll be wearing your wedding fashions. Talk to your stylists about breathable fabrics and consider an appropriate and comfortable style of gown. Don’t forget about the rest of your wedding party either! Choose breathable and comfy bridesmaids dresses as well as men’s attire.


Consider your menu

Summer offers a more flexible and fun menu for your wedding day. Fresh fruit, seafood, frozen drinks, and cool desserts are just a few things you could offer guests. However, try to avoid heavy foods when concocting your menu. Some of these foods can spoil in the heat and possibly have a negative effect on your guests if they have spent a lot of time in the sun for the day.


The Rococo Theatre is a great place to host your summer wedding! Since we are an indoor venue, you can take your mind off of the dangers of the heat and inclement weather. Our caterers will work with you to create the perfect summer menu. We offer tours on any week day by appointment, so call the office at (402) 476-6540 or fill out an event inquiry form for more information.


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