Tips for Hosting a Holiday Wedding

Planning a holiday wedding can be difficult but can lead to an amazing evening that you and your guests will never forget. There are many facets to consider when organizing your holiday wedding, and we have a few suggestions to make the process easier!



Give lots of notice through save-the-dates

Your family and friends might be making arrangements for other gatherings or vacations. Make sure to give them a big heads up that you’re planning to host a holiday weekend wedding. Save-the-dates are a formal way to make that announcement, and you can even personalize your save-the-dates to reflect the festivity of your event.



Don’t forget that it’s still your wedding!

It can be easy to go overboard with a color scheme, decorations and other elements that reflect the holiday you’re celebrating. Always keep in mind that this is a celebration of your new union; it’s not just a holiday party.


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Book sooner rather than later

In a venue like the Rococo Theatre, where weddings, concerts, and holiday parties are also hosted, you will want to secure your date very early on. Start finding your vendors as soon as possible so that you can have the fairy tale holiday wedding you’ve always dreamed of.



Take advantage of flavors and dishes that reflect your holiday

If your holiday has a signature dish, consider serving it at your reception! Winter drinks like hot chocolate and egg nog can be a fun addition to your menu as well. If your holiday is in the summer, incorporate fresh fruit or unique treats like popsicles and ice cream cones. Using the foods and flavors of your holiday will really add the festive effect.


Hand out themed favors

Let’s not forget how fun it is to receive cute wedding favors. This is an amazing opportunity to pass out holiday-themed favors. For a New Year’s Eve wedding, consider giving your guests noise makers to ring in the new year. Hand out spooky candies for Halloween, or give your guests mini hot chocolate mixes for a Christmas or winter-themed wedding.


Hosting a holiday-themed wedding can be a very rewarding experience, creating lots of memories that will last through each anniversary and holiday to come. Your guests will appreciate being able to celebrate a holiday while also honoring your new union. It can be daunting to begin planning a holiday wedding, but with these Rococo Weddings tips, you will be ahead of the game!


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