Six Ways to Have a One-of-a-Kind Wedding

Welcome to summertime – we are in the middle of wedding season! It seems like everyone is getting married every weekend, and all of these receptions and ceremonies are starting to run together. The only way you can distinguish them is by who had what dress or what flavor of cake they served. There are lots of ways you can switch it up for your own wedding day, and we’ve come up with a few ideas to make your Rococo wedding absolutely one of a kind!

Curated favors

Are you known for your love of M&Ms? Is your dog your BFF? Do your friends know your go-to shot for nights on the town? One way to put your own unique spin on your wedding is to incorporate these elements of your personality into your favors. Offer personalized M&Ms with your wedding date. Provide your pup’s favorite treat in a little to-go bag for your guests with pets.  The possibilities for customizing your favors is endless!


Midnight snack

A modern trend you might like to incorporate into your evening is offering a midnight snack for your guests. Especially if everyone knows you love a good bag of popcorn or cookies and milk at 12am, consider adding in your favorite snacks into the night’s entertainment. Who would turn down a snack? Definitely not a wedding guest.


Special guest book

Many couples are ditching the traditional guest book and opting for more exciting and interactive versions to immortalize their guests. Here’s another opportunity for personalization and creating a unique experience for your wedding day. If you and your betrothed are total movie buffs, have guests autograph a ticket stub to put in a scrapbook or shadow box. If you’re a couple of wine lovers, have a few of your favorite bottles handy with personalized labels for your guests to sign.


Bring your own playlist

Everybody has their own taste in music, but you might be tired of hearing the same old songs over and over at every wedding you attend. On your special day, take the chance to shake things up! Choose a fun, more fast-paced song as your first dance, or mix up the traditional dances by dancing with a grandparent, a stepparent, or godparent. If you’re honoring another couple by holding your wedding on the same date, invite them up for an anniversary dance. It’s your wedding, after all – dance how you want to dance!


Costume change

Bring on the drama with an outfit change. Options include wearing a more traditional gown for your ceremony or one that plays on your theme (such as an outdoor wedding). Switch into a fun party dress for the reception or a whole new ensemble for the cocktail hour. An outfit change will make for an unforgettable moment and open up opportunities for a variety of photo ops.


These are only a few ideas to consider; the sky is the limit for how to personalize your wedding and reception. The Rococo Theatre staff wants to make your big day exactly how you envision it, so make it special! Call us any week day to set up a tour and find out what we can do to make your Rococo Wedding a complete fairy tale.

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