Hosting Your Wedding and Reception at the Same Venue

Wouldn’t it be so easy if you could have your wedding ceremony and your reception at the same beautiful, historic location in downtown Lincoln? Well, you can! At the Rococo Theatre, we offer ceremony services as well as reception services, which can save you a lot of trouble when looking for the perfect venue to host your wedding.


Since the theatre was originally built for the production of plays and musicals, every row is tiered. This allows your guests to have a great view from any seat in the house: no need to crane your neck just to watch the ceremony. Usually, Rococo wedding ceremonies are performed on our stage or the dance floor; we think that the stage is a great place for your altar. Couples are free to decorate the stage and use the stage lights in any way they can imagine, making each wedding unique in its own way.

The transition from ceremony to reception is very simple, and it doesn’t require any additional effort for your wedding party.


Our caterers are familiar with the theatre and will be there to transform the setting from ceremony to reception. Usually, the transformation takes around half an hour. This is the perfect time for a short cocktail break or a photo shoot. Barrymore’s, our backstage bar, is also a hot hangout spot for wedding parties between ceremony and reception.

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Traveling from the wedding venue to reception venue can be a hassle, and it adds to the list of things you have to be concerned about on your wedding day. By hosting both ceremony and reception at the Rococo Theatre, you can be more at ease. Guests will appreciate attending the ceremony and reception in the same venue, making transportation and parking virtually a non-issue (for them and for you!).

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Staff at the Rococo Theatre know how to make the transition from ceremony to reception seamless, so that you can have the fairy tale wedding you’ve always dreamed of. You can call our office at (402) 476-6540 to book a tour of the theatre on any week day from 10am-5pm or fill out an event inquiry form.


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