Seven Ways to Personalize Your Rococo Wedding


The Rococo Theatre is a beautiful venue for any type of wedding. The theatre is filled with gorgeous Italian-influenced architecture, stone, and ornate designs along the ceiling. This space allows for a lot of versatility when it comes to personalizing your wedding. Whether you have a complicated plan for wedding décor or more of a minimalist style, there are infinite ways to personalize the Rococo Theatre.


marquee3The outside marquee is a really fun way to personalize your wedding. What better way to celebrate your love than to tell the whole world with big, marqueeglittering lights in downtown Lincoln? Choose a sweet saying or display a congratulations message on our theatre marquee to let your guests know they’re in the right place. Personalization on the marquee is not only a unique and fun spin on traditional signage, it also makes for a glamorous photo op!


postercase2Along the entrance of the theatre postercaseare poster cases that we can fill with your engagement photos or, if you’re pop culture fans, maybe a personalized movie or concert poster. Filling the poster cases with your photos or posters can really showcase your personality at your wedding or reception.


desserttable3There is no more delicious way to personalize your wedding at the Rococo than to come up with your own unique dessert table. Forgo the cake altogether if you want and offer a selection of hand pies, cupcakes, or even donuts! Another option is a snack bar, candy bar, or popcorn bar. Choose your favorite snacks or mini desserts to create a fun twist on the typical desserts served at a wedding reception.


tablesettingAt the Rococo, we have seen tables decorated with tons of flowers and customized napkins, but we have also seen tables with simple linens and a candle. Since tablesetting4the theatre is already so beautiful on its own, it doesn’t take much to transform it into a wedding venue. Adding simple décor to each table is a way to customize your wedding experience and create a space that truly reflects your style.


headtable(1)Along with the guests’ table settings, another way to add personal flair to your reception is with a special head table look. Some couples choose to place their head table on the stage, while others have seats for their bridal party closer to the guests’ booths. Head tables can feature intricate bouquets of flowers or minimalist mirrors and petals. Add something to the front of your table or light it up to change your head table’s look. headtable


themeA theme can add an extra level of personality to your wedding. Celebrate around a holiday, a favorite book, or even a Husker game! Themes can be implemented theme2through decorations, bridal party outfits, music, lighting, and even the menu. If there is a special day or activity that brought you and your spouse together, it could be the potential theme of your special day.


cocktails2Another popular (and delicious) way to make your wedding completely YOU is to have signature cocktails: one created after your tastes and the other after your betrothed’s. Turn it into a fun game to see how many of your guests prefer your cocktail over your new spouse’s. Whoever loses gets cake in the face! cocktails








The staff at the Rococo Theatre want your personal fairy tale to come to life. There are tons of ways to make the theatre uniquely yours. We will work with you to create the wedding of your dreams. Do you have any questions about décor or special holiday dates? Call us now at (402) 476 6540.


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